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Confederate Cherokee General, Stand Watie - Civil War Regiment rosters.
Genealogical Civil War Service Records... Stand Waties Regiments

Confederate Cherokee General, Stand Watie
His Civil War Regiment rosters.

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(Original preface by compiler)

This index to the First Cherokee Mounted Volunteers, Holt's Squadron, and the Second Cherokee Mounted Volunteers, (Cherokee General Stand Waties' Confederate regiments), has been compiled from the service records of these organizations that are National Archives publications on microcopy 258 - rolls 79, 80, and 90.

   Please note that the names and rank are listed alphabetical under each company. Researchers should check all companies as some individuals served in more than one during their service. Many times the company number and rank are not given for some of the soldiers.

   Some of these Confederate service records contain very little information, but will indicate where the person signed up for service, and the date he signed up. However, other service records will indicate age and physical description such as height, color of eyes, hair, and complexion. Many men were captured as prisoners of war, and the record will give where the soldier was captured. There will be some records with information about pensions
applied for about the year 1915. Whenever a name can be spelled more than one way, or if the name is listed with any difference, the index will indicate which name the service cards will be filed with. Researchers wanting copies of the service record for an individual should write to the National Archives, Washington, D.C., and request a military form to submit for a copy of the record.

Marybelle W. Chase
5802 E. 22nd PI.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114
July, 1989

   I have compiled these records in digital format, so that you can research them from your browser. If you have any similar information to share, please email me!

Good luck in your search!,
Shawn M. J. Mann

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