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Welcome Genealogists and Historians!

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   This site is dedicated to those family-hunters out there, otherwise known as genealogists. It is a habit, a hobby, a blessing, a pride, an addiction, a curse; bestowed upon a few of us from every family... to be the Keeper of the Book. This is the sum of my wife Jodi and my own research, and somewhat of a map of the roads my wife and I have taken or crossed, that we would like to share with you, as well as other research resources you may find useful.

    We are providing this site to the general population of family hunters, to share resources and information that I have found, not just for those who are tied in with my own tree, although of course, since that is the focus of my own genealogy research, it will take dominance.


Whats' New:

"Verba volent, Scripta manent!"
Words fly, Writing remains.

  This is a motto I have adopted as my own, as it is truth. I believe in the freedom of information sharing, because writing remains, but the digital world is fluid and websites come and go... so, the more copies of important historical facts and figures published, the better. Copyright is a sensitive and important issue, but when it comes to raw facts and data (census for example), the information should be considered public domain. This type of data should always be freely available for public viewing. I will never charge users a fee to view this type of  information on this website. Whenever you see my © symbol in conjunction with such data, let it be known that I am only protecting my edition... the scripting (html/php/etc) or formatting that I used to display the data. I plan to protect that much of my work, as I spend countless hours preparing these web pages for researchers use. I may however, introduce portable e-book compilations, or other publications for a fee. These will always be optional offerings. This website will remain FREE. Please support this site by visiting any sponsors that interest you, or by making a monetary donation.. We receive THOUSANDS of page views a month, which costs us a lot in bandwidth and server costs. Please make a donation... every penny helps!

  If my copyright is placed on a signed article, narrative, or biography written by myself, that text is fully protected, and not public domain. Please respect it.

  Surnames I am researching (When I have time) include: BLANK, CONNER, ESTES, LILLIBRIDGE, MORRIS, MAKINSON, NESS, PEARLING, SAMPLE, SERIGHT,  KUYKENDALL, among several others. Some of the main regions we are personally interested in are: Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, North Carolina, California, Arkansas, Minnesota, Idaho, Nebraska, England, Ireland, and South America... as well as other states that are a part of the Oregon Trail. I have a lot of interest in the Oregon Trail migration, as I am a direct descendant of pioneers (member of SDOP*)... andCivil War eras, and you will see that reflected in my genealogy research data.

  As a general disclaimer, not all of the data in my GEDCOM is verified, so if there is any mistakes, please let me know. (GEDCOM is here - updated July 27, 2006.)

   If you would like to help support this site, and my research, donations are welcome. We also welcome volunteers who are willing to do genealogy lookups, gravestone hunting, photocopying records, etc. - If you have your own family history genealogy site, please join our webring!

   I have added several complete online texts as a history / genealogy resource... including the personal memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant. See our new digital library for other titles!


Shawn M. J. Mann



I have found a connection between my family and the family tree on Quillspirit.org -Genealogy and History resource.

Family Trees with confirmed connections to me: 

The Genealogical.com collection includes over 2,000 genealogy books and CDs featuring a wide range of materials on topics such as colonial genealogy, immigration, royal ancestry, and genealogy methods and sources.


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